A Comprehensive Photography Guide: The Portrait Shoot Playbook

From Start To Finish: The Portrait Shoot Playbook

Love portrait photography, but don’t know where to start when it comes to shooting a portrait session? 

Or have you already been shooting photography sessions but feel like you could use some clear guidelines to follow, so you don’t miss a thing?

Want to improve your exposure, focus, lighting, posing, interaction style and the authenticity of expression in your portraits – while also spending less time editing, so you can spend more time shooting? 

If so, this fully downloadable book is your comprehensive Start To Finish guide! And with gifts of at least $95+ in credit towards photo printing, software, lighting, music and more, this guide pays for itself!

Tamara steps you through every aspect of a portrait photography session in this 250+ page book, packed with information, examples and illustrative photography! Topics include:

  • An overview on gear and accessory choices
  • What to do to prepare for the shoot
  • Exposure
  • Focusing & Metering
  • Lighting & Lighting Tools
  • Expression & Interaction
  • Detailed walkthrough of a photography shoot
  • Posing groups & individuals
  • Composition & Details
  • Art & Activism
  • Digital Workflow
  • Post-Processing & Retouching
  • Consultative Sales
  • Best practices for delivering your final shoot to your client


This extremely comprehensive manual is rich with information, examples, inspiration, and illustrative photography. There are a lot of little things that can make a big difference in how well a photography shoot can go, how much impact the images can have on your subjects, and how effectively your portraits can be delivered. 

Tamara Lackey How To Shoot A Photography Session Nikon AmbassadorThe cost of this detailed guide, which is downloadable and can be used while on a photo shoot for reference, is $99. However, we have some wonderful support from some of the best companies in the photography industry:

Nations Photos Lab, has offered a $25 gift card to all book purchasers. That $25 credit can be used towards any of their offerings, including prints and cards. Use that amount in addition to the promo codes we share on our website, and you can get some amazing products for a very low to no cost.

Animoto, our favorite slideshow builder, is offering 20% off of Animoto Pro for new clients (about a $50 discount).

ON1, an all-in-one editing platform with ON1 Photo RAW 2018, is offering $20 off for all purchases

Fundy, the only all-in-one design suite perfect for designing albums and wall art  layouts is offering$50 off of the Pro Suite and Fundy Album Suite 

Westcott, creator of innovative lighting options, is offering an awesome 10% off your entire order

In addition, Triple Scoop Music is holding a monthly drawing between now and March for a total of four $600 music licensing packages!

Altogether this $99 book actually **GIVES** money to those that purchase it.

So to recap, the Portrait Shoot Playbook is normally $99. But after you debit:

-$25 Nations Photo Lab credit
-$20 ON1 credit
-$50 off of the Fundy Pro Suite and Fundy Album Suite
-10% off your entire Westcott order
-20% off Animoto Pro (approx $50 credit) 
= money in your pocket! (Amount varies based on your Westcott order total but with a $300 order you’d get $76 back, with a $1000 order, $146 back, etc.!)

Tamara Lackey, Posing, Lighting How To Photography Shoot, Metering, Playbook

Photography is amazing, but there is also quite a bit to it. This Start To Finish Portrait Shoot Playbook is designed to lay everything out as clearly, and as effectively, as possible. Get yours here! There’s a also a bundle option with The Family Posing Playbook and The Posing Playbook For Kids to round out your knowledge with even more posing ideas for your shoots. Check out the bundle here.

And, as always, 10% of all sales of The Portrait Shoot Playbook will also go towards Beautiful Together, our non-profit 501(c) organization in support of children waiting for families and those living in extreme poverty. Our current focus is on continuing to build out our Orphan Prevention Care Center. Only months into this new project, we are seeing some heartening results from this program already. Thank you for helping us to support it through this purchase!

Get your Portrait Shoot Playbook here!

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