CMEE Family Fair in New York

Some Family Fun at the CMEE Family Fair

I was lucky enough to join in on the fun at the CMEE Family Fair, the annual fundraiser for the Children’s Museum of The East End in the Hamptons, New York.  While there, I photographed some rather well-known and beloved faces, including Law & Order’s Emmy award-winning Mariska Hargitay and her gorgeous children … I also got to photograph another Emmy award-winning actor, Sopranos’ alum and current Nurse Jackie, Edie Falco.  Her children were munching up the mini donuts and shouting out answers as I had the cool opportunity to chat with her, for an upcoming episode of reDefine.   Christa Miller, a la The Drew Cary Show, Scrubs and the current Cougar Town, was ridiculously sweet and funny.  She’s an actor who has a great take on how to get ahead in any business – and she’s also a very talented photographer, to boot.     Lastly, the lovely Katie Brown – TV Show Host for PBS’ The Katie Brown Workshop and Lifetime’s Next Door with Katie Brown.  Katie is also an author, spokesperson and product line designer.  We found some time to drop down on cardboard boxes in a small back room and chat about how she got to where she is – this show is available to view now.     The rest of the day brought all kinds of silliness and magic… everyone was pretty exhausted at day’s end 🙂    

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