christi-ann & bob

I photographed Christi-Ann & Bob’s wedding in beautiful, sunny Pinehurst, where people are known to escape for golfing, spa outings and the life-giving blue skies. The lovely bridal couple was surrounded by their enthusiastically supportive families and friends, and they celebrated in high-style. As we should. Christi-Ann has a great love for photography that seems to be just growing in passion and technical prowess, as her husband recently commented, so I look forward to seeing more of her work soon 🙂 I loved getting to know their whole family, especially as I would go on to photograph Jennifer’s (Christi-Ann’s sister) wedding afterwards, in Kiawah Island. I greatly appreciate how the two sisters have such a close relationship with each other and yet are very different people – and, thus, planned and experienced two very different weddings. That post will have to come next – out of chronological order, I know, but sometimes life seems to unfold out of order, so I’m thinking that’s a fairly good precedent… 🙂

I kinda melt over how close Christi-Ann (and her sister) are with their parents. The day included a lot of very special moments with Christi-Ann & her dad, and it was quite touching to watch each of them unfold…

So – the ceremony was truly lovely, quite emotional; it was immediately followed by a jubilant victory kiss and then, just as immediately, their First Married Fight – they joyfully decided to just go ahead and get it out of the way 😉

The dancing – great music and great moves all the way around. Love the one of the two sisters belting out the song.

Congratulations, Christi-Ann & Bob!!!

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