Chasing Frames on PBS

We are so proud to announce that The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey is now available to watch on the PBS website!

The Chasing Frames Show with Tamara Lackey on PBS

Chasing Frames is broadcast on television via PBS/Public Media NC every Thursday night at 8:50pm, as well as seen repeatedly throughout the week at other times. Check your local listing for which PBS channel airs it in your area. (And of course you can now also watch The Chasing Frames Show at any time via the PBS website)!

In addition to each episode that airs, we also release three additional Deep Dive episodes on our Chasing Frames Show website. They are digitally released every Thursday.

Additional Content Deep Dive
We produce the first deep dive for those who wish to watch additional content about that week’s subject. We have to make some tough edits to get to our final show. This deep dive is for those who wish to learn even more.

Photography Deep Dive
We create our second deep dive for those interested in learning more about photography and filmmaking by providing photography tips & techniques. We specifically focus on the gear and techniques used when photographing and filming the episode.

After The Shot
We produce our last deep dive for all those who take photographs but aren’t exactly sure what to do with them afterwards. With our After The Shot Deep Dive, you’ll learn some inspiring ways to post process the photographs you take through simple walkthroughs and tutorials.

Chasing Frames Show, Tamara Lackey
Chasing Frames Deep Dive Episodes

We love hearing your feedback about the show – and ideas you have for future shows. We’ve heard some great concepts already and look forward to more. Thank you for tuning in to watch our show!

Thank you to PBS and Public Media/UNC-TV for believing in our show! It means a great deal to us. We know what an honor it is to share air space with so much incredible shows across PBS affiliates.

And, of course, much gratitude to our show sponsors, Nikon and ON1. We deeply appreciate your support and are excited to grow the show with you as our partners!

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