Rescue Puppies-Chasing Frames Episode 08

Rescue Family
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

THIS Thanksgiving – we are SO grateful for everyone who fosters puppies in need of homes. Check out our newest episode, airing tonight at 8:50pm on
PBS / Public Media NC UNC-TV. It is all about how organizations like the amazing Peak Lab Rescue are caring for puppies and dogs in need of rescue!

Rescue Sunny
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Go to for bonus content. Check out an overview of the photography & gear used in this episode. As well as some inspiring ideas of what to do AFTER you take your shot!

Rescue Puppies
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

In addition, a huge thank you to Nikon and ON1 for your amazing support of The Chasing Frames Show. We are grateful today – and on all the days : )

Sunny Aslepp
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

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