Chasing Frames and ON1 Software

Chasing Frames and On1 Software
We are pleased to introduce a new PBS television series hosted by ON1 Guru and professional photographer Tamara Lackey: Chasing Frames, sponsored by ON1 and Nikon.

Chasing Frames and ON1 Software combine to bring you Episode 1

Episode 1 Urgent Air Care
The need for speed is real in life and death situations. Emergencies create crisis, however, rural hospitals continue to close. As a result, there is increasing dependence on air transport to provide critical health care access between remote areas and urban medical centers. Travel alongside a helicopter medical crew as they take off at a moment’s notice to provide life-saving flights.

Take a Deep Dive
See additional details on what was covered in this new episode and learn how you can help! Watch Now →

Chasing Frames Episode 1

After the Shot with ON1 & Tamara
Tips & Inspiration on what to do with your photographs after you capture them. Watch Now →

Chasing Frames Urgent Air Care

Go Behind the Scenes with Tamara
PHOTOGRAPHY AND GEAR – a deep dive into photography tips, techniques and filming. Watch Now →

Chasing Frames UNC Carolina Air Care

Thank you to On1 Software for sponsoring Season 1 of Chasing Frames!

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