Charlie Engle – Running America

Charlie Engle is showcased in the World Changers section of our blog because of his series of significant accomplishments, not the least of which was running across Africa. I’m posting a handful of photographs from our second shoot with Charlie. I am so pleased with how many fantastic images we were able to get (it helps to have two assistants on hand) – I’ll be posting more after they are published…! We were also treated to a private screening of the movie, Running The Sahara – in my living room, of all places. Our Studio Director Extraordinaire, Lisa Walter, helped out with the shoot, and Steve was with us, as well, so it was quite fun for all of us to spend the evening with Charlie while he navigated through some of his favorite scenes in the film, adding some colorful details here & there… I am still absolutely blown away by what they were able to accomplish. You can see a preview of the film here. It opens on the song – just click the “Running The Sahara trailer” option The full feature film, narrated & produced by Matt Damon, will be released in theaters this fall – but the preview alone will definitely give you a sense of just how difficult this was. Now, Charlie is poised to take on another seemingly impossible challenge – to run across America, setting out to break the world record for the fastest crossing of the United States on foot. The plan is for Charlie and another elite endurance athlete, Marshall Ulrich, to run about 70 miles a day – starting in San Francisco on September 11th and ending in New York City about 40 days later.

As much as I love the golden, beautiful colors of the day we were treated to yesterday, I also am a big fan of the edgier look of these – they look amazing full-sized…

Since the Running America expedition ends in New York City, I suggested the following playful image to Charlie. Being quite a funny guy (think cute, goofball humor), he was up for it. I kinda love it.

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