Beautiful Together at Harvard Law School

We founded Beautiful Together over four years ago. Since then we have been able to start and, gratefully, finish fourteen projects and establish four funds. The projects all focused on supporting children without families. Along the way we have done our best to advocate for these children. For instance, many of these children living in institutions do not have an opportunity to even be adopted. Mainly, this is due to a significant amount of red tape and doors closed by government policies.

I am honored to have been invited to speak as a Guest Lecturer for the Children Advocacy Program at Harvard Law School. My topic is on the realities of failed international adoption policies. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. Moreover, given my personal experience with this matter over the past five years – and counting.

Thank you to all who have supported Beautiful Together and the work we do. We only hope to do far more over time.

Tamara Lackey for Beautiful Together

The work of the Child Advocacy Program encompasses a number of initiatives. For instance, policy work and advocating for law reform. Law reform as it relates to granting vulnerable children living in orphanages around the world. As well as the human rights they deserve. If you would like to help support this movement, please add your name to this petition.

I am also happy to have contributed photographs that I have shot over the years to help support the Child Advocacy Program’s website.

Beautiful Together

Photography is a key part of everything we do at Beautiful Together. Our mission has always been to work to identify and complete specific and measurable projects that tangibly improve the lives of orphaned children in the United States and Africa. We also shine a light on children living in extreme poverty, foster care, or orphanages through a combination of on-the-ground work, professional photography, video profiles, and social outreach.

In conclusion, I am heartened that this imagery can have an impact, even a very small one, on our movement to help children waiting for families join the families who wait for them.

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