Bambi Cantrell on the reDefine Show

reDefine Show with Bambi Cantrell

Bambi Cantrell, photography legend, sits down with us in this episode of reDefine. We discuss her journey from point & shoot photographer’s assistant to one of the most decorated photographers in the industry. Sharing her trials, errors, and takeaways from a longstanding career in shooting and education, Bambi offers some excellent advice to anyone looking to improve their craft and business. There’s always an excuse for not making progress and not moving forward. I believe it’s important to put blinders on, be very forward focused on where you want to go and just ignore the negative noise. ~ Bambi Cantrell A HUGE thanks to for their enthusiastic sponsorship of this program! You can see much, much more content by the other Adorama TV hosts, Joe McNally, Mark Wallace, Richard Harrington, Bryan Peterson, Joe DiMaggio, and Gavin Hoey by checking out the packed-with-great-photography-education

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