Back to the Beach!!

I’m going back to the beach on Friday, July 25th and so ready to play with my awesome subjects at Bald Head Island!! Due to some scheduling changes, we have added one day back in to the calendar, so we now have two open sessions!! If you’re interested, please contact the studio to book one. Here’s a beautiful, high-energy session with The Silver Family from last September – my goodness, children at the beach are just gorgeous. And “Mr. & Mrs. Silver”? Um, kinda gorgeous, too 😉 Thanks for making the effort to swing out to the beach for our session, guys. I know it was a quick out & back but worth it and soooo fun 🙂 🙂 🙂 Such a fan of this whole shoot, but love the last two shots showcasing some new dietary habits of a very sweet baby on the beach …

these just crack me up….!!

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