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I am thrilled to be heading back to creativeLIVE in Seattle, Washington this July 18th to teach an all-day course on Work. Life. Balance! And then .. what?again on July 20th, 21st and 22nd to teach a 3-day course. Let’s start with the first course entitled Work. Life. Balance!  This is a course I’ve been preparing for since I started working, really – but certainly, in earnest, after my children came along.  The program is completely focused on aligning what you wish to be achieving on a day-to-day basis with smart, proven methods to get you there. Anybody who is working and trying to navigate a life and, especially, family in this day and age needs help on how to streamline everything… (A huge thank you to my friend Tina Wilson, for the lovely photograph!) I’m quite proud of just how much information is going to be packed into this day. Here’s a bit about what the program will be about: You can sign up to watch the all-day course for free here. The second program I’ll be teaching is a 3-day course about Sales. Most artists who love to create beautiful images don’t always love to create a beautiful business. I offered a 2-day course on Taking Care of Business at creativeLIVE last year and, although the feedback really was wonderful, many people asked if I could do a follow up course on Sales, specifically. So I’m heading back to Seattle to do just that. This program will be quite focused on how you can better service your clients by having a clear, focused and comfortable-to-follow process when it comes to creating their photographs – and not leaving them in the lurch when it comes time to actually receiving what it is they hired you to do! Often photographers are so concerned about being perceived as selling that they end up, quite unintentionally, abandoning their clients in the meantime. I’ve heard some nightmare stories from both photographers AND clients about the missing piece of this vital part of running a business that is based around doing work you love, while offering a wonderful client experience. This 3-day course isn’t just about how to create a sales process that works for everyone – but it’s also about how to get past any lingering concerns about being comfortable with this vital part of business, seeing what types of images many clients prefer and why it’s worth the extra effort to produce them. And, most importantly, about how to see the smaller bumps in the road actually adding to the greater journey, not just existentially – but on the actual bottom line of your photographic and business success. This is something sorely missed in most sales courses, and I think it’s a massive component in what makes a business, and an artist’s creative energy, thrive. JOIN us live, for free, by registering here. ALSO: Giving away $150 to spend at @Adorama – the winner will be chosen on TUESDAY!!! Simply let us know by mentioning @Adorama and @TamaraLackey on twitter WHY you will be tuning into creativeLIVE to check these out 🙂 sample post? hi, @tamaralackey – I am going to be watching because there’s a chance I could still get more awesome. i hope i win me some @adorama love because i have gear to buy! (for instance 😉

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