audience invites for creativeLIVE

Well, that wasn’t ridiculously difficult or anything! We just finished watching all the video submissions for creativeLIVE – many for the 4th, 5th, 6th time … and we now feel like we’ve had the pleasure of making about 60 new friends. Kinda crazy to see so many clips, given the very short deadline! Here is the full list of video submissions, which doesn’t include the errant straggler videos we found here and there! It was an extremely tough call – my first short list included every single video submitted. My children sat on the panel and also chose every single video. Then I went to the creativeLIVE team to get their take – and they were loving everyone, too. Not much progress. So, as we slowly started whittling away, I realized that we were truly looking for representatives of the worldwide audience, which meant different personality types and backgrounds and experiences and interests. And the high passion barometer thing needed to be evident throughout. Here are the six video submissions we received, showcasing the six individuals we are extending an invitation to, to join us in Seattle. I can say, without any reservation, that the runner up videos are *plentiful*. Very, very plentiful. If you do not see your video here, please keep in mind that it didn’t mean we didn’t absolutely love you – it just meant we had to consider a few extra factors about how everyone was selected in terms of representing a worldwide audience!!! So, without further ado, in no particular order, Chase Jarvis, Craig Swanson, and the entire creativeLIVE team and I would like to invite the following individuals to be part of our studio audience in Seattle, Washington on November 19th, 20th, and 21st for my live, worldwide 3-day class on Children’s Photography: Nikki McArthur, from Alberta, Canada. James Catechi, from Seattle, Washington. Jim’s Creative Live Video from James Catechi on Vimeo. Sarah Clemence, from Dubai, UAE. Children’s Portrait Photography. Sarah Clemence from Sarah Clemence on Vimeo. Alison Henrie, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Katie Fulton, from Savannah, Georgia. Jesse Clements, from Orlando, Florida.

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