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Animoto and Tamara’s New Series

I had the chance to team up with the video creation company Animoto recently. I met up with them in New York, and we made a series of videos about … well, making a series of videos. Like a box in a box. They are entitled The Busy Parents’ Guide To Creating and Sharing Video, so they apply to pretty much every parent I know. I genuinely enjoyed chatting with Jason Hsiao, the founder of Animoto, about his new role as father to new twin girls and the effort he’s making to capture them better. And with a background in some rather impressive production efforts, producing shows at places like MTV, Comedy Central and VH1, he gave me some great tips on incorporating video with stills. Animoto has an interesting history, albeit a short one, and we actually celebrated their 5-year anniversary right after taping the final interview, as they’ve really come a long way in a short time. All in all, we had a great series of conversations, and I’ll be sharing them here – along with this great contest opportunity: get a free video credit and be automatically entered to win our Booklist Award-Winning Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography media series. Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 3.18.48 PM Please note, the contest ends October 3rd! So take advantage of this free video credit now and make something you can always keep. For all my clients who photograph their children and family between our shoots, here are some great things to consider when shooting images, and I hope you win even more information, via Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography.

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