andy & mary beth

I told my brother I’d be happy to take a few photographs at his wedding in Johnstown, Pennsylvania – and I ended up having so much fun, I shot the whole thing! That’s the serious danger of loving your job. My sister-in-law with her boys, my sweet girl in full curtsy & Caleb with his favorite person ever, daddy…

The cousins!

The Groom, my brother, being as hot as he possibly can 🙂

Since this was a second marriage for both of them, Andy & Mary Beth decided to bring some additional meaning into their wedding by meeting halfway down the aisle and walking up together.

A giggly ring exchange from two not super giggly people!!

They brought up their children and each gave the other’s children gifts, one by one – this look between mother & daughter is just priceless. She is so genuinely happy for her mom.

My beautiful, beautiful son – BubbleFest!

Wonderful light for the high-spirited exit!!!

MaryBeth and her adorable grandfather 🙂

A quick hand-off of the camera for a rate shot of us three siblings together.

The Bridal Party

Uncle and Niece

Andy and MaryBeth met in a tavern halfway between their two cities, so we swung by for some nostalgia…

Oh, my girl. Never too shy to ask – nay, plead – for that she desires…

My niece Elizabeth & my nephew Alexander – I think they even made the click click noise when they shot these guns my way…

The beverages were in a large galvanized tub in the grass – when I looked over, this is what I saw. I will be sure to keep their identities private (okay, mom and andy?)

Beautiful sunlight everywhere – the group changed clothes for dancing on the patio. Adrian, I promised you a spot on the blog – here you go 🙂

And then that galvanized tub emptied a bit and things got nutty.

My husband and father have always enjoyed a quiet cigar together now and then. The problem is that not only does my husband not smoke, he’s also usually training for some traithlon but never wants to disappoint my dad. Well, dad FINALLY quit – so they decided to at least not give up the illusion of such a grand tradition.

Ending on a high note 🙂

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