An Update, The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography

I have been receiving a wonderful number of emails and private messages about my book, The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography, which released earlier this month. I have to admit: I am slightly amazed at the interest paid to it so far and at the rapid sales of the book. The comment I am hearing most often is that the book is out of stock at local bookstores for people. My understanding is that it is selling quite well, which is fantastic, but that it is being re-stocked rapidly, as well. There are a whole lot of copies coming out from the publisher, Amherst Media. I also know that has re-stocked it several times since it has been released, and that it is in stock there right now! It is also still available at, but my understanding is that stock has dipped at, and it’s nearly a month out to receive via shipping. That should change very soon. And a thank you to all of you who have written after zooming through the book, I have not been able to get back to every one individually because of life in Ecuador right now – an update on that coming *very* soon! – but I am receiving each message with a mixture of gratitude and relief that a year’s worth of work was actually not in vain 🙂 I am also smiling about the reviews posted on the various online bookstore sites – I love them. Keep them coming! And to my amazing friend, Jesh de Rox, who surprised me with a whole post on his blog, full of so much beautiful work and heartfelt writings, an extra thanks. Considering how busy you are launching brand new action set, ColorSHIFT, I am greatly appreciative. I am excited that much of that post-processing beauty will be shown in my next book 🙂

Thanks to Amazon for their look-inside function online, so I could easily grab these stills to show. And the other question – yes, to confirm, 100% of author proceeds are definitely going to Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Save The Children. I believe the question was – am I still donating all of my proceeds, given early indications of what that might be? Um, hello, yes!!! The whole goal was to be able to send over some sizeable contributions 🙂 🙂 🙂

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