All Together Now!! (Blog & Galleries)

Almost five months ago to the day, I called Brock Martin with Infinet Design, who created this lovely blog for us, and I asked him if we could create a design within the blog to incorporate the galleries (and all the studio details) that were currently housed on a separate website, which has been at I had just heard so many people say they’d been to the portrait website but not the blog and the blog but not the wedding website, and it just seemed to make sense to bring them all together. I’d called him while driving from the DWF Convention in Tampa Bay to meet up with my family at Disneyworld, in Orlando. We talked for a good portion of the drive, and by the time we hung up, we had most of the site designed. What took months was capturing the right design and feel of the galleries – the background, the sizing, the music, the flow. Infinet Design is a great name, because he was infinitely patient with me and my preferences. I am thrilled to announced that the new galleries are now available on the blog, all the studio information is available on the blog, and only a few more sections need to be fleshed out – but the old website(s) will be disappearing in the next couple of days, and everything will be housed here! Check out the new Galleries (by selecting “Galleries” on the nav bar) and let me know your thoughts! Suggestions, feedback & comments are, of course, very welcome 🙂

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