All In One Life: HEALTH + ENERGY

Spend 2 days immersed in learning how to feel better every single day. Join Host Tamara Lackey and several ultra-talented expert instructors to:

  • Learn how to significantly boost your energy and keep it up evenly, all day long.
  • Redefine fast food. Learn how to make delicious, whole foods-based, ridiculously healthy food FAST.
  • Move it. Get the upper hand on excuses. Learn self-motivational techniques that actually work. Enjoy moving more frequently and experience the countless benefits of your fitness daily.
  • Master your stress, feel calmer everywhere; elevate your mood. And halt a mess of related illnesses in their tracks.

Take these two days for you. And for all those whose lives converge with yours.

Check here for a detailed description of what’s covered, who’s in & why it matters to you.  If you haven’t enrolled yet, enroll now – it’s FREE!



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