A Whole New Game

When I photographed the wedding of Kim and Angelo, which was profiled in Essence, I remember thinking that it was probably one of the best parties most had been to – it was big and it was beautifully stylish, everyone was in a great mood, and it went late, late, late, so fun, late.  And it didn’t hurt that Kim is gorgeous no matter what she wears. I remember thinking that these two were good at this being together thing. It wasn’t just because they were both remarkably photogenic and so close to their families – but they were also kind people, playful, and not just into each other, but truly great friends with each other.  That’s something I’ve come to learn makes all the difference – especially when a couple transforms into a couple who are now also parents, when omg it’s suddenly A Whole New Game.   When Angelo retired from playing for the Buffalo Bills, they moved to Florida and started a whole new business venture together.  And, even better, they started a family. Trading in football for fatherhood? A pretty incredible trade up. Especially when it means you’ve got this beautiful little face looking back at you:   Family-Portrait-_-Tamara-Lackey   (Huge thanks to all three! of you for coming to Durham, North Carolina for your family portraits – I loved our chasing-the-dropping-sun shoot, and I’m grateful that you so willingly played along, even with the cold!)  

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