A week on the West Coast: Portrait Photography Workshop & CreativeLIVE Photo Week

San Francisco Portrait Photography Workshop & CreativeLIVE Photo Week

I’m thrilled to spend a few very busy days in San Francisco this week. I love San Francisco – we used to live here before we moved to Chapel Hill and we come back fairly often. This time, I’m here for the last 3-day Portrait Photographer’s Workshop of 2015. I’m excited to work with a group of such talented and creative photographers.

Then, on Friday, I’m off to Seattle for a quick visit with Creative Live to present at their Photo Week (a 90 minute presentation on Friday at 3pm PST!).


San Francisco from my hotel – Shot with Nikon D810 and 35 1.4

We kicked off our workshop on Tuesday, September 22, and we’ll be going strong until Thursday, September 24. I always feel a bit nervous before beginning a new workshop even though we do a good amount of refreshing, revising, and preparation beforehand. Fortunately my studio manager, Sarah, came out with me to help handle all the details. She’s essential to the success of a big event like this.

These three days are quite intense, and it’s my sincere intention that no one leaves with any questions left unanswered! I spend time with each attendee – private, alone, and one-on-one – to really get to know his/her unique business challenges. The best part is that I also really get to know them in the process, too. I’ve made some really good friends from these workshops.


Huge thank you to Joy Bianchi Brown and her lovely Millie for being our (seriously. adorable.) lighting models. Here, they’re showcasing shutter speed and strobes as part of our indoor lighting segment—while being ridiculously photogenic.

This is our last workshop of 2015, but bookmark our workshop page to learn more about additional opportunities coming in 2016. I try to do them once or twice a year, as best I can!

After this 3-day whirlwind, I go straight to Seattle for CreativeLIVE, presenting at the final day of their Photo Week 2015 Event. I’ll be live at 3PM PST/6PM EST on Friday, September 25 to talk about Authentic Family Posing.

I’m excited for this segment as I’ll be showing new video of a family session I photographed. I feel the video really captured all the specifics I’m discussing when it comes to posing families authentically – something that I care a great deal about, and that can really help you effectively capture a unique family personality and dynamic!

This is actually my first year doing CreativeLive’s Photo Week – even though I’ve done 8 full classes for them. Each of these programs have been so different and fun. Please feel free to join us virtually on Friday. You can also connect with me via Facebook or Twitter. I always welcome questions!

Although I love this week’s intensity and all the opportunities for personal interactions with my workshops and session participants, I’ll be flying home on Saturday pretty darn exhausted.

For now – luckily for me, there’s nothing like spending time in September on the West Coast : )

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