$60 Gift from Triple Scoop Music with Posing Playbook, 2nd Edition

Free Song License with Posing Guide

We have JUST released the 2nd Edition of The Posing Playbook … For Kids Who Don’t Do Posing with an additional 20 pages of content, for no additional cost. This new, expanded children posing guide now includes over 80 pages of content-rich direction, more metadata and even more detailed instruction.  And, for a limited time (until we run out of them, to be exact!), we’re giving away a free $60 song from Triple Scoop Music with your purchase! The Posing Playbook was created to be read thoroughly and then easily referenced on mobile devices while on a shoot, as this posing guide is way more than just a posing guide – it includes everything that leads to the final shot: detailed Before & After imagesall technical settingsmetering choiceslighting configurations (and many descriptions of why all these choices were made), brief descriptions of shoots … and, even more helpful, easy bullet points to reference when actually photographing children and families.  But, best of all, there is a big emphasis on how to bring spirit into each image, how (exactly) to achieve genuine expression – and why that matters so much. In addition, we teamed up with Triple Scoop Music on the launch of this new edition and are offering a free song, along with a lifetime license – valued at $60 – for the first 60 purchasers of the new Posing Playbook!  We did offer this to our newsletter subscribers a bit in advance (join our newsletter list to be in on future opportunities!), so now there are only about 40 songs left at this point. On the flip side, though:  hey, there are still 40 free songs left at this point!! UPDATE:  As of 5.24.13, all the codes are now taken! Thank you!    Tamara Lackey, Posing Playbook, Triple Scoop Music, Free Song If you’re interested in what other people are saying, you can see some very kind feedback from photographers who have already purchased the original edition – and the brand new one. Please note, if you’ve already purchased The Posing Playbook, you’re in luck!  As a thank you, we’ll be sending you the new version, free of charge, within the next few days.  So you won’t need to do anything at all, although if you haven’t received it within the next week, check your spam folder or contact us to let us know. Oh, and If you’re not already familiar with Triple Scoop Music, they are an amazing licensing service that I use quite frequently (and is also clearly beloved by top photographers around the world).  They offer over 15,000 hand-picked songs on their websites  – lots and LOTS of singer/songwriter gorgeousness – and they’re rather unique in that they offer a lifetime license for photographers. To place your order and receive the $89 Posing Playbook, 2nd Edition AND the $60 Triple Scoop Music song of your choice offer, for a complete total of $89, please purchase directly from our website. And then, if you don’t mind, we’d love to hear what you think of it, once you receive yours! Tamara Lackey, Posing Playbook, Triple Scoop Music, Free Song    

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