volcano preparedness

As 92 tornadoes passed through North Carolina on Saturday, we kept an eye on the coverage and reminded the kids what to do in case of an emergency.

The kids were pretty taken aback by the breaking news, a combination of dramatic visuals and urgent warnings as tornadoes continued to touch down one after another.

We set up a little shelter for everyone and the pets, and I exchanged texts and messages with a whole host of friends who were doing pretty much the same thing for most of the day. Surprisingly, many people hadn’t heard the warnings and had to race to safety at the last minute. Some even stayed in their trucks and filmed it – from very closeup.

Sophie decided that everyone should wear a helmet, just in case (a brilliant and photogenic idea, I must say), and she kept quite a vigilant eye on the storm … while Caleb practiced tucking in for safety … and Ana Elisa asked me to please keep all those volcanoes far away from our home.

The volcanoes did stay away from us. The tornadoes did, too. But, unfortunately, they didn’t stay away from everyone.

It’s stunning how quickly the weather can turn. And what it can bring.
Stay safe, friends.
Or at least keep a helmet nearby.

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