The 2018 Photo Summit

The 2018 Photo Summit is a completely free digital event that you can watch from your computer or phone, with 35+ successful photographers showing exactly how they built their businesses.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a thriving business, there’s a ton to watch and learn. Each day, you can watch 5-6 talks – 100% Free – that will equip you with a variety of specific and proven ways to improve your photography and attract more clients (regardless of whether you do wedding, portrait, wildlife, or even underwater photography).

I will go over the 6 types of personalities and how to deal with each as well as my go-to lighting setups. Other photographers include Jerry Ghionis, Zach & Jody Gray, Vanessa Joy, Matthew Jordan-Smith, Pye Jirsa, and so many others. The lineup is amazing! 

The event will run January 20th-26th. Make sure you register for free today, as the event starts soon!

Here are just a few things you’ll learn during this event…


  • Why Your Current Pricing is Sabotaging Your Business
  • Instagram – Best 2018 Strategies for Photographers
  • Lightroom Tips That Will Make Any Photograph 300% Better
  • Social Media – Get Great Results Without Wasting Your Time
  • Capturing the Authentic Moment for People and Places
  • Making Money from Stock Photography – at Home or While Traveling
  • Awards – How to Quickly Win Awards for Prestige and Social Proof
  • SEO – What You MUST Be Doing in 2018 and Beyond (it’s not blogging)
  • Lighting Essentials for Every Situation – From Wildlife to Headshots
  • Building a Successful Brand that Attracts Clients You’ve Never Met
  • Ranking #1 in Google for Terms that Actually Make You Money
Brilliant Posing Tips – From Babies to Brides
  • Words and Phrases to Quickly Turn Potential Clients into Real Clients
How to Get Clients to Pay More Without Selling
When to Buy Used Equipment – Better & Cheaper
  • Networking – Spend Less Time and Connect With Better Leads
  • Turning Clients Into Raving Fans Who Refer Other Clients
Finding Your “Voice” and Getting Featured in International Magazines

Make sure you register today, as the event starts very soon, on January 20th, and lasts for just 7 days.


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