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Around the World Photos

Seven Days, Around the World Photos A week ago, I was nominated on Facebook to post a photo of the natural world for the next 7 days, which struck me as taking a mini Around the World photos trip for a week. My gut response to this was twofold: 1. I love photos of the natural […]

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Nikon Takeover – My Twitter Adventure

Nikon Takeover Since becoming a Nikon USA Ambassador, I’ve had the good fortune to do some very cool new things – but getting to do a Nikon Takeover is definitely one of the coolest of the cooler new things yet. If you have any questions about cameras, lenses, gear, portraits, lighting, shooting, or anything photography-related, […]

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Finding Joy – Whenever, Wherever

Finding Joy There’s a lot of emphasis on finding joy right now, especially as this time of year bursts onto the scene.  The holidays are coming up, and we know this because holiday decorations have been up since September.  I actually saw a full-on Christmas tree go up in a retail store well before the […]

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Nikon, PDN Magazine & a $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Adorama

$100 Gift Card Giveaway from Adorama If you’ve read any of my posts on gear, like this one about why I switched from Canon To Nikon, you’ve heard me say that I truly don’t believe great photography is about the latest and greatest gear.  I think it’s about the way we each uniquely see the world, […]

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The Switch from Canon To Nikon – Why I Did

The Switch from Canon To Nikon – Why I Did This post may seem overdue, since I’ve fielded quite a number of questions related to my switch to Nikon, but I think it’s kinda timed perfectly.  Sometimes all the answers aren’t delivered all at once, and I wanted a more comprehensive overview in response to […]

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