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My Photographer’s Talks At Google Program

Talks At Google I was recently invited to the fabulous, futuristic Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California to present a program on photography.  This was part of their rather awesome Talks At Google series, so I felt ridiculously honored – and not just a wee bit (okay, a lot bit) nervous. Before the talk even […]

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Finding Joy – Whenever, Wherever

Finding Joy There’s a lot of emphasis on finding joy right now, especially as this time of year bursts onto the scene.  The holidays are coming up, and we know this because holiday decorations have been up since September.  I actually saw a full-on Christmas tree go up in a retail store well before the […]

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reDefine Show with Joy Bianchi Brown

Marketing Photography & The Work You Love In this new episode of ReDefine Show, I speak with Joy Bianchi Brown, the braintrust behind marketing photography and running the studio, as well as the business parter of Jules Cafe. We chat about her best ideas (within 10 minutes of conversation!) on how to create revenue from the work […]

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