The McCain-Palin VP Announcement

After a surreal week of traveling to speak at the Florida PPA State Convention (more on that very soon!) and heading back for a day before flying out to Ohio to cover the MCain Campaign’s VP pick, I’m just now back at home and in catch up mode. I will post more images from this series of shoots – as well as some new photographs from a very recent Barack Obama town hall meeting – in the next few days. Many more to come, but I’m holding back several images for the article I’m doing for the October issue of Rangefinder Magazine, a piece on the general election and a follow up on my article in Rangefinder’s June issue about the Democratic primary race. In the meantime, a few photographs from this week, starting with a shoot at a private airstrip in Vandalia, Ohio for the landing of the Air Straight Talk Express:

Then the rally in Dayton with 10,000 people (including a few hecklers) and John & Cindy McCain:

The VP pick wasn’t officially confirmed until the rally was underway – so when Sarah Palin came out for the first time, there were plenty of cheers but also a lot of “who?”‘s, especially from supporters holding up signs with the names of who they thought would be picked…it was definitely a stunning announcement to many:

And the new Republican ticket…

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