Ingrid & david

Ingrid & David were married in a most charming chapel in Chapel Hill (say that 5 times quickly!) and had a beautiful reception at The Carolina Inn. Not ones to only take a week-long honeymoon, they up & moved to Italy right after their wedding! I loved the colors at this wedding – my favorite golden green light with some warm orange casts, pastel pink shoes, chocolate polka-dotted boxes, and even more colors waiting to make their appearance throughout the day… And thanks, Grace, for helping to coordinate and for choosing this wedding as your favorite to send in per request from Modern Bride 🙂 🙂

Ingrid getting the full treatment from her bridesmaid, Ashley…

Men of all ages prepare for their Big Day – David is a pretty calm guy, usually, but he was definitely ready to get married!

Ingrid wore a gorgeous form-fitting dress and looked absolutely radiant.

The day was so clear bright with that deep blue sky, an exceptionally handsome ring bearer and the perfect princess flower girl sooo excited about her big role in the day.

The sweetest kisses of the day…

Did I mention the colors? Bright blues, creamy whites, verdant greens…

Loved this attic space – even if we had to risk life & limb to climb the rickety stairs clearly marked as such..

Off to the Party!

Found this nugget of an image out at the cocktail hour – funny, both Holly (second shooter extraordaire!) and I saw it from two different angles and both shot it differently – but what was even more bizarre is the fact that I saw a similar random configuration at another wedding earlier this year. I like how parents and toddlers are really coming together to properly celebrate a good time!

The reception in the Old Well room was all low lighting, warm and inviting…

I love how Ingrid is just cracking up in embarrassment as her mom shares early stories about her..

And the party begins…

There goes the ecofetti by the fistful! You can see how Ingrid’s bridesmaids & mom are the only ones gently tossing it up underhanded. Everyone else just throws overhand!

Ciao, Ingrid & David! I promise to go out first thing tomorrow morning to order a Venti coffee just in your honor 🙂

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