a chocolate slip ‘n slide birthday dream

When my Sophie requested a unique twist on her birthday celebration, my first thought was, yeah….a chocolate slip n’ slide? Fun idea … so, what else would you like to do…? But she really stuck with her request, and we finally started brainstorming ideas on how to really make it happen. Also got some great tips from friends on how to pull it off … and, thus, the celebration moved from conception state to actual full-on actualization and mygoodness, seriously, hilariously great fun! When Sophie exclaimed, at one point while swooshing around in chocolate, “Am I in a dream??”, we knew it had all been a rousing success 🙂 The plan was lots of oil (for maximum slipness), chocolate (tons) and whipped cream to slide into at the end, with more sprayed on them when they stopped – and, of course, rainbow sprinkles thrown in for extra measure as they were trying to escape… and lots of individual and group slides ….

That smudge on the top of the lens looks like it might be a hint of lens flare – but it is, in fact, a new take on textures: whipped cream on the lens. Go ahead, try it!

I think all the sugary fumes started having an effect after a while 🙂 🙂 🙂

It looked so darn fun, just had to give it a run myself – as you can see in the top image, they had already decided to full-on attack…

Not everyone wanted to just jump in – so, sometimes you have to just bring people to the party…

A different take on the party-containers-on-the-lawn…. 🙂

This was just before my hair was “deep-conditioned with oil and chocolate” – hmmm – also, I discovered that chocolate can be have a nice bronzer effect *and* I got to have a lovely moment with my syrupy-sweet girl 🙂

Happy birthday, Sophie – welcome to Year Eight!! You are loved so very, very, very much 🙂

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